Sunday, March 29, 2009

Product Review

My New Detangling Comb

This comb is great for detangling wet or dry hair. It does not snap my fine hair like some other combs mean for detangling. I have not tried to use it for combing through conditioner, but it does and excellent job on wet hair, and the price is right. I bought the comb from Duane Reade.
Price: $3.99

Product Description
Goody Ouchless Detangling Comb
Ouchless combs are the ultimate in Snagless Styling. The Ochless Detangling Comb has flexible teeth that eliminate hair breakage and a retractable spine that conforms to the head.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Co-washed Today

Today i co-washed with Motions CPR conditioner, which i left on for an hour and a half. I usually alternate between henna, garlic conditioner, moisture and protein. The Motions CPR is a mild to moderate protein so i've been told. I felt that my hair was not feeling so thick after moisturizing the heck out of it for three days. Too much moisturizing makes my fine hair look thin and over softens it after a while, so i figured i would use the protein to give it strength and thickness (i always get thickness from protein conditioners)well i applied this conditioner like i usually do, like doing a relaxer touch up. I put on a plastic cap, wrapped a towel around my head for 1 1/2 hours and did some work on the computer. I rinsed in the shower. I detangled in 4 sections and did not do my usual moisturizing and sealing in 3 sections. I wanted to see how my hair felt without all the moisturizer, so i let it air dry in 4 sections. As my hair started to dry, it felt so hard, i knew that it was the protein, so i did my moisturizing and sealing in 4 sections. I decided that i wanted to keep the thick feeling, so i did not use too much moisturizer or oil. Well, it was a good idea, cause when i did use less moisturizer and oil, my hair felt great with just enough moisture and strength. I am learning to listen to my hair, lol, as it constanly changes. Caring for fine hair is a constant battle so i must keep on top of it. Knowing you hair is the first step to healthy hair. I finally feel i'm winning the battle.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stinky Garlic Conditioner Update

Today is wash day. So what conditioner did i use today? The stinky garlic conditioner. Okay i know i'm gonna go around smelling like an Italian meal, but i don't care. This garlic conditioner is the bizness. It works so well that the smell(really stinky)is kool with me, now everybody else probably want to know wth smells like that, lol. As you may know by now, i have fine hair and it sheds like crazy, and i used just about everything to stop or cut down on the shedding, nothing worked. I tried aphogee,biolustre,hair fixer,etc.,etc., still shed, so a member of MyHairSistas (shameless plug, lol)suggested i try a garlic conditioner, at first i was like, no. It stinks, but she said it really works and the smell goes away. I did not want to buy another conditioner. I had already bought 15 cheapie conditioners (they were on sale for 79cents at rite aid), and 3 other conditioners, so one more was out, at least until next week, lol. Anyhoo i looked in my kitchen, cause i know i had some garlic throw up in there somewhere. I looked in the fridge and saw garlic bulbs, too much work to grind them up, nope. I looked in my cabinet, voila, garlic powder, ummm that might work. So i put 4 teaspoon of garlic together with vo5 strawberries and cream. This is my 3rd stinky garlic conditioner, it worked everytime. Just like the last two times, i put on the conditioner like i was applying a relaxer, put on my shower cap and wrapped a towel around my head for an hour this time. I rinsed, moisturized and sealed in 4 sections and air dried in a twist.
The Result?
butter soft, moisturized no shed hair, yaaaaaaaaa

Monday, March 16, 2009

Today Was Henna Day

Yes girls today i did another henna always on a quest for strength,length,and thickness. I want to start using only Jamila henna, but i had some left over henna that i bought from the health food store, it was a neutral henna (no color release) the lady at the store said it was 100% natural henna. I won't ever buy this henna again, it really is too grainy, so it's hard to remove from hair. Anyway i used this left over henna along with my new favorite henna, the Jamila brand. I had some left over vo5 and some other conditioners that i had mixed up together, so i don't even know exactly what the henna mixture consist of, i just threw every almost done conditioner i had in there. I applied my henna mixture, like i was applying a relaxer. Once my hair was all covered with henna, i put on a plastic cap and wrapped a towel around my head and let sit for 1 1/2 hour. I rinsed for what seemed like forever (15 minutes) and i was sure i had gotten all of the henna out, i didn't. After rinsing (my hair felt very strong)i parted my hair in 4 sections and applied my homemade moisture leave-in and then sealed with almond oil, in sections, especially the ends. I air-dried in sections and after my hair was dry, i combed my hair back and clipped it up with a hairpin and put on my wig and hat. Later today when i got home i took down my hair. It was feeling very thick, but i did not get all the henna out. So i combed through my hair and little specks of henna fell in the sink. That does not bother me, but my hair was very dry, so tommorrow i will moisturize again, my fine hair cannot take over moisturizing. All and all, it was a very good treatment. My hair feels stronger and thicker. Just what i wanted

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update On Garlic Conditioner

Okay ladies,
I have some great news to report about the garlic conditioner, it really works !!!!
I didn't want to jump too fast and say how great this garlic treatment is in stopping shedding until i tried it a couple of times. It stopped my shedding first time i used it and it continues to work. I have used this treament a total of 3 times since the last post. This treatment will be one of my staples. Not only did this treatment stop the shedding, but it also stopped some of the breakage too. I have been putting off trying this because it thought the smell would be to much. Well it does not smell good (lol), but it is worth it. I am 6 weeks post and this is when i usually run into trouble with more shedding and breakage, so i said, hey it's about time i see if this garlic thing works. Yes it does.

Here is what I used (very simple)
1/2 bottle of vo5 strawberries and cream
4 tablespoons of garlic powder
let sit on my hair for 15 minutes
rinsed out with more vo5 strawberries and cream (my hair felt like butter)
detangled in 4 sections (no shedding or breaking)
added moisturizer in 4 sections
sealed with almond oil in 4 sections

Monday, March 2, 2009

Garlic As A Hair Loss Remedy

Garlic can also be good for our scalp and hair, as well as for our body.

Garlic stimulates the flow of blood to the scalp and help remove any harmful toxins, which is an important consideration in caring for the growth of our hair and in helping to prevent hair loss.

Adding a garlic extract to shampoo can help to strengthen hair and stop any breakage, while at the same time, adding good body to the hair and a nice gloss.

If you have dry hair or maybe an itchy scalp, a garlic extract type of shampoo will give you relief from many of those nasty symptoms.

An hour before bedtime, slice open a clove of garlic and rub it on the hair loss area. Wait for an hour then massage the scalp with olive oil. Put on a cap and go to bed. In the morning, shampoo your hair. Repeat this remedy for a few weeks, and hopefully hair will stop falling out and re-grow.

I did not write this article: thought it was good information for those who shed