Tuesday, April 19, 2011


 I'm at the point in my 6 month stretch when i wonder if i should continue to stretch, relax or transition!! This stretch so far has not been too bad. I am 19.5 weeks post. I'm not in a rush to do anything, lol, because i don't know what i'm gonna do. I do know that i seem to be stuck at this lenght (BSL) I have no idea how to pass it (any suggestions?) I'm not sure if the 6 month stretches are benefical to my hair's length or condition. When i stretch my hair gets so dry and moistuizing and sealing only help a little. Too much actually makes it hard and crunchy. I'm gonna stretch as long as i can before making a decision. Every stretch i really, really think about transitioning.

The stretch details :
pre-poo (Shi-Naturals buttercreme pre-poo)
co-washing 2x weekly (with Shi-Naturals moisture balance deep conditioner and Shi-Naturals protein deep conditioner)
moisturize ( my homemade moisture mix)
seal (grapeseed oil)

I detangle at least 3x a week because while stretching, my new growth gets really crazy!! (i use mane n tail detangler, this really helps)

I always air dry (i don't know if this contributes to my hair being extra dry) When i rollerset, my hair does not feel as dry.

I moisturize and seal at least 1x week or more (depends on how my hair feels)

I'm wearing all protective styles during this stretch.

Stay tunned! Transitioning is always on my mind :o)