Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frustration, Impatience = Setback

Today i started out wondering which conditioner i would use for my co-wash. I'm 19-1/2 weeks post, so i don't have to tell you how my new growth has taken over, but it has, lol. Everything was going pretty well. I detangled before applying my conditioner mix (tresemee re-moisture condish & grapeseed oil) I applied it heavy to the new growth first. I felt very nice and creamy. Then i applied the rest to the length. Let it sit with a plastic cap and towel for 1 hour. I rinsed in the shower and applied about a quater size of porosity control for about 1 minute (i'm trying to correct my porosity issues) My hair really felt so soft. I'm not sure if the porosity control did anything though, but i'll keep using it. Maybe i'll see some improvement. Okay, let me get to the frustrating part. Being in a hurry to get my hair done ( I have guests staying with me) before my guests returned. I tried to detangle very fast, that only made my hair tangle up more. I got so many knots. I just ripped through my hair. I should have waited until the next day when my guest are leaving. I lost a lot of hair because of impatience. When i finally finished with everything. I looked at my hair and was so disappointed with the feel, the new growth, the see thru ends. I got the scissors and cut 3 inches. On top of that i cut it uneven. So, here is my self induced setback! So Ladies, only do your hair when you have the time to devote to doing it right, and not when company is around, lol

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Product Review-Grapeseed Oil Is Good

Grape seed oil is a lightweight, colorless and odorless oil that has a number of uses. It can be used as a health tonic, used as a used as a cooking oil or used to moisturize the skin and hair. Because it is lighter weight than many other oils, such as olive oil, it absorbs into the skin and hair much faster, and without weighing hair down. Here is how i use grape seed hot oil treatment that is sure to leave your hair moisturized, beautiful and luxurious..
great oil for finner hair textures, and this is also one of the oils that can penetrate the hair shaft.
My Method : I use this oil as a pre-poo before my co-wash

Warm 3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil
apply to scalp and hair (on damp hair)
apply plastic cap
wrap towel around head
let sit for 30-60 minutes
Resutlts : Soft hair :o)
Other Uses :
Great oil for cooking 
Great for skincare (anti-aging)
Great for use when blowdrying or flat ironing 
Grapeseed extract accelerates hair growth 

Grape Seed Extract: 
Procyanidin oligomers are naturally derived ingredients from grape seeds that have been shown to stimulate hair growth similarly to Minoxidil (Rogaine®). Recent studies by Japanese scientists have shown that grape seed extracts possess growth stimulation activity toward hair cells. These studies suggest that the active components of grape seeds inhibit the destruction of collagen structures leading to greater overall health of the tiny capillaries that supply energy to the body’s tissues including hair.
Grape seed is available in capsules, tablets, and fluid extracts. Look for products that are standardized to 95% OPC content.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Needed Some Motivation :o)

Today i removed my protective style (latch hook braids). I wore the style for 1 month as part of the Winter Grow Out Ultimate Challenge on MyHairSistas. I am 16-1/2 weeks post, so you know what i was about to encounter. Everything started out great. Removing the latch hook braids was very easy. I had continued to moisturize & seal between the braids. My hair was easy to comb and detangle or so i thought. I proceeded to deep condition on dry hair, parting and applying conditioner as i would do a relaxer touch up. I put on my plastic cap and wrapped a towel around my head for 1 hour (no heat). I used Nourish Spa. This was my first time using this conditioner. I went against one of my rules-never use a new conditioner when coming out of a protective style. Everything was fine while the conditioner was on my hair, it actually felt very good, being that the conditioner was very thick. I love thick conditioner. Okay fast forward to rinse time. Oh boy!!! While rinsing. I noticed my hair didn't feel as soft as with my staple condish. Long story short. My hair was so dry and tangled like crazy!!! It took me 5 hours to slowly untangle. When i was finally done with the long ordeal. I was very disappointed with how my hair looked, broken, uneven, dry. I thought, i'm never getting to waistlength if this keep up. Then i had a thought. Let me see how far i've come. The comparison picture above shows the progress from 2008-2010. With all the breakage, setback, cuts and all. I have made some progress. So, i will press on, continuing the stretch and hoping for the best :o)