Co-wash (2x week) Monday's & Thursday's
I co-wash with any deep conditioner of my choice (will sometimes add an oil)

Moisturizing leave-in (2x week) after every co-wash
I use my homemade moisture leave-in, or
Chi keratin Mist, or
Optimum Anti-breakage leave-in
I also have a few other leave-in's that i will try and use up

Protein conditioner (as needed, or 1 week after relaxer touch-up)

Oil (to seal)
coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil
castor oil for scalp 2x week on wash days

Relaxer touch-up (every 3 months)
right now i'm using Organic Root Stimulator Regular

1x month

Trim (as needed)
after every other touch-up

Hair, Nail & Skin with biotin
MSM 750 mg.

Styling :
Air-dry 99% of the time
protective styles, braids, weaves, wigs


  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    hi, i just found this site googling at work! I have fine, thin, often limp hair. No perm since Jan.2011. I havent seen a "curl pattern" yet, so im considering relaxing at the end of summer. I love coconut oil! I like to add olive oil to silk elements cholestorol for deep condti

  2. I think that jojoba is a great treatment oil and argon is a great moisturizing oil for your mid-length and ends. Also, know that once you color your hair with henna you can never use any other kind of boxed or salon hair color until it grows out and is cut off. Henna mixed with tradition hair color produces a chemical reaction that will pretty much destroy your hair. Henna is great healthy hair color option; however, it is pretty much a permanent choice. Further, I would avoid putting anything directly on your scalp including conditioner. Oil on the scalp is only appropriate as apart of a treatment that will be washed out. For more info, feel free to email me or visit my website or


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