Sunday, August 14, 2011

Visualizing Waistlength!!

4 inches to waistlength

Here i go again. I'm 2 months post in the picture. I'm using conditioner to stretch the roots to see growth progress. This time my stretch will be 4 months. My last stretch was 6 months. I won't stretch that long again because my fine hair cannot take it. I made good progress with the last stretch, but had to cut most of the progress away. My ends looked terrible after the 6 month stretch.

For the next 2 months i will keep up with my regimen :

co-washing on dry hair 2x weekly (with Shi-Naturals moisture conditioner or protein conditioner)
air drying only
applying Shi-Naturals Grow Potion every day
scalp massages everyday when applying grow potion
applying Shi-Naturals Creamy Leave-In
sealing with almond oil or grapeseed oil

Henna 2x a month
Shi Naturals Herbal Tea Rinse Growth (whenever i have shedding issues)