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I have decided to broaden my horizons, so to speak and not just blog about my fine hair. My other passion is fashion. Yes, i really love all things hair, fashion, health & beauty. I still love to shop at boutiques and department stores. I just don't like the hassle of the crowds and getting there, so i now do the majority of my shopping online. I'm not one to follow the trends. I am more of a trendsetter. I like clothing that is very fashionable, but different from the norm. I have been known to be very picky, so my girlfriends generally don't have the patience to shop with me, lol. I can't say i blame them !!! So whenever i can. I shop online. Okay now for the good part. If you really like fierce, funky, hot clothes (who doesn't?) , then you gotta check out this site for the fiercest designer shoes.  The sexiest designer dresses and amazing designer handbags and they are some really good prices. I was really impressed by the shoes the most, but i'm a little cautious about purchasing shoes online, but i like a couple pairs of the shoes, so i will give it a try. I can always send them back.

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  1. Vintage evening bags are absolutely guaranteed to lift your outfit from the standard 'nice' to the outstandingly 'amazing'. Firstly, we would never choose to carry a cheap, plastic, handbag from the market when we attended a special event, in our long, beaded, maxi dress, now would we? Secondly, our good quality leather bag which we reserve for smart wear is equally unlikely to give our outfit the 'wow' factor. However, with the simple addition of a little beaded 1920s flapper handbag we become the belle of the ball and the secret envy of all the women present. The flapper era of the 20s saw the inception of the 'dance purse' as a regular accessory to the fashions of the day and this is why, if we look hard enough, we will find many beautiful examples of these..


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