Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Hair Update

I have decided to keep my hair in protected styles for the rest of the summer in order to help with achieving my goal length. I installed these crochect braids. These crochet braids are 3 weeks old and holding up well. I plan on keep this style for 1 month. So far so good!!

The Maintaining the style

1. Wash every 2 weeks with diluted shampoo(Peppermint stimulating shampoo) in applicator bottle on the scalp only. Let the run-off from the shampoo clean the entire length.

2. Oil scalp every other day (Grow Potion Light Formulation)

3. Seek out fuzzy areas and cut them off. This keep the style looking neat!!

4. Sleep with style clipped up or in a ponytail to keep from hair getting frizzy and not looking neat.

That's it. Any questions? I will keep you all updated on how it holds up in this New York heat wave we are having