Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm having a hard time

I started the no comb challenge 3 days ago. I have already failed !!! I just cannot keep my hands out of my hair. I am so upset with myself, why can't i put the comb down? Am i obsessed? I have already combed my hair 3 times today (i usually comb about 10 times, lol) If i am to make progress i must stick to my self imposed challenges. Granted 3x a day is less than 10, but the challenge calls for only combing on wash days. I must be an example for my hairsitas. I won't give up, i will just try harder :o)

I will look to this picture for inspiration !!!


  1. I understand completely cause I can't keep my hands out my head!

  2. It's getting easier for me now, i just keep telling myself no, lol

  3. I won't even bother joining that challenge cause my hand in hair disease is incurable. I am trying by substituting some other action that requires my hands whenever I get the urge.

  4. n_vizion, believe me it can be done, if i can put down the comb, anybody can, lol
    I just comb on wash days now and it is really helping,my hair is not breaking and shedding like before, so hopefully with God's help, i will reach my goal of waistlength by July 2010 :o)


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