Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Update: Growth Renew Products

I started using the growth renew products november 17th 2008 as part of my BSL challenge on I am about 1 1/2 inches away from bsl. I read a lot of hype about the growth renew line and saw the infomerical. The ladies who used the whole line all showed so much improvement in length and thickness, so if it worked like they said it did, not only do i want to try it, but i need it. My hair is thin, fine, shedding and breaking. It's also dry. Okay, i figured , i've tried everything else why not this one last product line, Lol. I decided, i would only use this line of products to know for sure it was these products and not some of the hundreds of products i already use (yeah, i'm a pj), The whole line consists of 5 products, shampoo,deep conditioner,moisture lotion,edge creme and a topical follical & root stimulator, try saying that 3 times fast, hehe. The only part of the system i did not buy was the edge cream, because i thought it would be redundant because i could use the follicle root stimulator on my edges and believe me my edges need it.
So i have been using the system for 2 weeks. I must say the products are really good. Every product in the line stimulates your scalp. The deep conditioner is excellent, it tingles on the scalp and has a cooling effect and leaves my hair soft and moisturized (which is hard to do for my dry hair). To me the star of the line is the follical and root stimulator, as i said, i have thin edges, which were almost bald when i started and now i see hair growing back, and i seem to have more growth overall than usual and i am 6 weeks post. I will continue to use these products until i reach BSL. I will keep you updated :o)