Monday, March 16, 2009

Today Was Henna Day

Yes girls today i did another henna always on a quest for strength,length,and thickness. I want to start using only Jamila henna, but i had some left over henna that i bought from the health food store, it was a neutral henna (no color release) the lady at the store said it was 100% natural henna. I won't ever buy this henna again, it really is too grainy, so it's hard to remove from hair. Anyway i used this left over henna along with my new favorite henna, the Jamila brand. I had some left over vo5 and some other conditioners that i had mixed up together, so i don't even know exactly what the henna mixture consist of, i just threw every almost done conditioner i had in there. I applied my henna mixture, like i was applying a relaxer. Once my hair was all covered with henna, i put on a plastic cap and wrapped a towel around my head and let sit for 1 1/2 hour. I rinsed for what seemed like forever (15 minutes) and i was sure i had gotten all of the henna out, i didn't. After rinsing (my hair felt very strong)i parted my hair in 4 sections and applied my homemade moisture leave-in and then sealed with almond oil, in sections, especially the ends. I air-dried in sections and after my hair was dry, i combed my hair back and clipped it up with a hairpin and put on my wig and hat. Later today when i got home i took down my hair. It was feeling very thick, but i did not get all the henna out. So i combed through my hair and little specks of henna fell in the sink. That does not bother me, but my hair was very dry, so tommorrow i will moisturize again, my fine hair cannot take over moisturizing. All and all, it was a very good treatment. My hair feels stronger and thicker. Just what i wanted

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