Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stinky Garlic Conditioner Update

Today is wash day. So what conditioner did i use today? The stinky garlic conditioner. Okay i know i'm gonna go around smelling like an Italian meal, but i don't care. This garlic conditioner is the bizness. It works so well that the smell(really stinky)is kool with me, now everybody else probably want to know wth smells like that, lol. As you may know by now, i have fine hair and it sheds like crazy, and i used just about everything to stop or cut down on the shedding, nothing worked. I tried aphogee,biolustre,hair fixer,etc.,etc., still shed, so a member of MyHairSistas (shameless plug, lol)suggested i try a garlic conditioner, at first i was like, no. It stinks, but she said it really works and the smell goes away. I did not want to buy another conditioner. I had already bought 15 cheapie conditioners (they were on sale for 79cents at rite aid), and 3 other conditioners, so one more was out, at least until next week, lol. Anyhoo i looked in my kitchen, cause i know i had some garlic throw up in there somewhere. I looked in the fridge and saw garlic bulbs, too much work to grind them up, nope. I looked in my cabinet, voila, garlic powder, ummm that might work. So i put 4 teaspoon of garlic together with vo5 strawberries and cream. This is my 3rd stinky garlic conditioner, it worked everytime. Just like the last two times, i put on the conditioner like i was applying a relaxer, put on my shower cap and wrapped a towel around my head for an hour this time. I rinsed, moisturized and sealed in 4 sections and air dried in a twist.
The Result?
butter soft, moisturized no shed hair, yaaaaaaaaa

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