Thursday, February 12, 2009

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My new favorite oil

I discovered this heart healthy oil is also great as a sealer oil for hair. I ran out of the oils i usually use and this was in my fridge. Imagine that, lol. This oil moisturizes and is very light. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids that protect your heart and turns out it also protects the hair. I applied this oil to my hair after my henna gloss to moisturize and seal. This oil is so light, it disappears into the hair and leaves it shiny and soft without being weighed down. There is not greasy feel either. I'll be using this along with my other oils when i want something light.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

next touch up date

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I finally did my relaxer touch up !!!

Hey Sistas,
Today i finally did my relaxer touch up after 15 weeks post. It's not that i wanted to stretch that long (i usually stretch 3 months) but the condition of my hair was not right for relaxing and for some reason i was itching and scratching like crazy. As you may know i wanted to switch relaxers, i was using silk elements mild. I finally decided to switch to ORS lye relaxer. I heard so many good things about this relaxer and from fine haired sistas, so i figured this is the relaxer to switch to, the silk elements had started to underprocess my hair that's why i wanted to switch. Well after not being able to comb my hair or wait one more day, i just went for it today. Okay, i know that most people who used ORS relaxer had great results on fine hair, well let me tell you, from the minute i put the relaxer on my head it started burning, i was like what? so of course i had to rush and get it off. Needless to say i am texlaxed again and underprocessed in some areas. So maybe i'll do a corrective if it is too bad after my wash, but i would like to go at least 2 months without having to do the corrective. Even though i am underprocessed in some areas and texlaxed again, the relaxer actually left my hair soft and in good condition. I think maybe my scalp was just so irritated that's why i was burning. I will use this relaxer again, even though i didn't get my hair as straight as i liked, it feels soft and no breakage and doesn't feel as thin like other relaxers leave my hair, so i give it 4 stars !!!!