Monday, June 27, 2011

29 Week Stretch!! It's Over!!

Well ladies i decided to relax today! I just got tired of the two textures, and it's just too damn hot to fight this hair, lol. I had a very good relaxer experience this time. No burning at all. I used Organic Root Stimulator Relaxer (Normal) I relaxed in sections. This is the method i will be using from now on.

Here's the method :

1. Base scalp the night before being careful not to irrate scalp
2. I parted in 4 sections, then put a plastic conditioning cap over the bottom 2 sections. Then secured the bottom section with clips, so that section would not get wet.
3. On the two top sections. I  divided those sections into smaller sections ( 5 on each side, with duckbill clips)
4. I proceeded  to apply the relaxer to the sections, removing the clips then applying the relaxer to each section.
5. I smoothed the relaxer through the whole section, rinsed, neutralized. Proceeded to the next top half.
6. Repeated #5
7. I then moved to the bottom 2 sections
8. Repeated #5 for the bottom 2 sections
9. Rinse the whole head, then neutralized, rinsed and conditioned with protein reconsturor, the moisturizing conditioner.
10. Air-dried, applied leave-ins
11. Done, lol

Although the relaxer process went smoothly. I will not stretch as long again. I will stretch for 3-4 months. I think stretching that long is not good for my fine hair. I had a lot of new growth, but the ends were so thin. I had to cut away most of the progress :o(

Now that i'm relaxed. I will work harder to reach my goal of waistlength by Dec. 3rd 2011. I think i can reach my goal because i'm using Shi-Naturals Grow Potion and i got lots of growth from this product. If you want to join the Shi-Naturals Challenge click : Here

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

26.2 Weeks Post!!!

26 weeks post
Hey Everyone. Can you believe i made to 26.2 weeks post? I do believe this is the longest stretch i've done. So let me update you ladies as to how i'm doing with this stretch. My hair is so weird, lol. It seems the longer i stretch the easier it's getting. I don't want to jinx myself, but with this stretch. I'm not having shedding issues or breakage (crossing fingers, eyes, legs and everything). All and all i can't really complain. My hair is being so cooperative, it's scary!! Anyhoo. I'm about 3 inches from my goal of waistlength. I've got about 2-1/2 inches of new growth or more. I'm usually an average to slow grower, but since i've add my new growth aid, my hair growth seems to be taking off. I have no problem with that, lol

Here's what i've been doing for this stretch:
Co-washing 2x weekly
Pre-poo with Shi-Natural pre-poo buttercreme
Deep conditioning with Shi-Naturals Moisture Balance Deep Conditioner 1 week
Deep conditioning with Shi-Naturals Protein Balance Deep Conditioner 1 week (alternating between the moisture & protein condish)

Daily : Applying Shi-Naturals Grow Potion Hair Growth Excelerator on my scalp. This product makes my new growth so soft. (Awesome product. I'm getting about an inch or more per month since i started using it)

Moisturizing  1x daily with Mirta de Perales keratin lotion
Sealing 1x daily with Mirta de Perales keratin & Argan oil

Monthly : Shi-Naturals Herbal Tea Rinse
Henna Gloss (Cassia or Henna 100% natural)

That's it!! Still not sure how long i will stretch?