Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update On Garlic Conditioner

Okay ladies,
I have some great news to report about the garlic conditioner, it really works !!!!
I didn't want to jump too fast and say how great this garlic treatment is in stopping shedding until i tried it a couple of times. It stopped my shedding first time i used it and it continues to work. I have used this treament a total of 3 times since the last post. This treatment will be one of my staples. Not only did this treatment stop the shedding, but it also stopped some of the breakage too. I have been putting off trying this because it thought the smell would be to much. Well it does not smell good (lol), but it is worth it. I am 6 weeks post and this is when i usually run into trouble with more shedding and breakage, so i said, hey it's about time i see if this garlic thing works. Yes it does.

Here is what I used (very simple)
1/2 bottle of vo5 strawberries and cream
4 tablespoons of garlic powder
let sit on my hair for 15 minutes
rinsed out with more vo5 strawberries and cream (my hair felt like butter)
detangled in 4 sections (no shedding or breaking)
added moisturizer in 4 sections
sealed with almond oil in 4 sections

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