Saturday, December 11, 2010

Be very careful !!!

I managed to stretch for 6 months. I feel great about making it 24.5 weeks. The only thing is, i got some really bad chemical scalp burns!!! I had been complaining about an itchy scalp through the last 2 months of the stretch. I had no idea why my scalp had been constantly itching. I tried to put off relaxing until my scalp calmed down. The week before i relaxed the itching had gotten a little less, but i still had some tingling. I did my usual co-wash, deep condition and moisturize & seal, and i thought enough time had passed. I was so anxious to my touch up, the day i relaxed my new growth that i just ignored the slight tingling. Ladies, make sure you have absolutely no irritation on the scalp whatsoever!!! My burns are pretty bad :o(  I have 2 really big nasty burns and some not so bad burns, lol

Here's what to do if this should ever happen to you (Let's hope it doesn't) :

  • The first thing you need to do in order to aid in the healing process of chemical relaxer burns is to ignore the compulsion to scratch and/or pick at your scab. This will usually be your first reaction due to the constant itching or odd "presence" on your scalp.

    If you have undergone a chemical relaxer burn, you will feel a patchy, scaly, gritty or bumpy substance on your scalp. This is actually a scab from the chemical burn your scalp has suffered. Your scalp is just like any other piece of skin on your body. It will scab

  • Next, you will need to somewhat detangle the hair that is surrounding and within the scalp burn.

    Take a wide-tooth comb and start combing from the ends of the hair, and get as close as you can to your scalp without aggravating the scalp burn. In all honesty, the scalp burn will heal regardless, but your hair strands will break off rather than give way to the pull and tug between the comb and the scab from the scalp burn.

  • Apply an antibacterial ointment to a clean cotton swab, and gently apply it directly to the chemical scalp burns.

    Any kind of disinfecting, skin healing ointment will do the trick (Neosporin, Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment, etc.). But, nothing trumps natural and free, so your best bet would be to opt for a broken leaf from an aloe vera plant.

  • Continue with your regular hair care regimen, but use caution.

    Be gentle when combing and brushing your hair for the next week or so. Also, make sure to shampoo your hair as you normally would, but be careful not to disturb the area with scalp burns. Do not use hair care products containing alcohol as they may burn and cause further irritation to the scalp burns.

    After a few shampoos you will notice that the scab from chemical relaxer burn has fallen off, and your scalp can return to its healthy status.


  • Friday, December 3, 2010

    6 months Stretch Touch up results!!

    Well ladies, i finally relaxed. After 6 months of stretching. I just could not take it any longer. This morning my hair was so dry and tangled, no matter what i did the comb just would not budge. I reached my goal of stretching 6 months. I wasn't trying to go longer. I'm very happy with the results. Yaaaa, i can feel my scalp again, lol. Looks like i'm back at BSL, but this time i feel encouraged. This time i'm gonna make waistlength. The 6 months of stretching helped me gain 3 inches. Which means i'm an average grower (1/2 inch per month) The difference is this time my hair is thicker and stronger. I will try for 6 month stretches for as long as i relax (maybe,lol) Although the relaxer touch up was not without some drama (as soon as i applied the relaxer my scalp began to burn) so, i'm texlaxed in some areas, but that's okay. I lost no hair, but i have a bad burn at my hairline (the worse place, i already have issues with my hairline!!) I will revamp my regimen and today starts my new 6 month stretch!!!

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement. The 6 month stretch is a Muther :o)

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    Stretch With Me (3) The Realization !!

    I am 24.5 weeks post. Yes that's 6months and 5 days, WoW!! During this stretch i have learned a lot.

    1. I can stretch for longer than i thought
    2. I can stretch without adding extensions (never stretched this long without extensions before
    3. I can make waistlength !!!

    The last statement is a realization that waistlength is possible, because i now know what i've been doing wrong. I've had waistlength hair before, so i should be able to achieve it again, right :o) This stretch has showed me that my hair is growing at the normal rate, but i have not been retaining the length. I now know that i must go back to some of the things that got me to waistlength before. I know that hair can and does change over time, but some things remain the same. I am encouraged because i see a lot of growth and i am determined to keep it. How?

    The biggest change is gonna be protecting my ends and moisturizing & sealing. In the past moisturizing and sealing was not consistently done because i have fine hair, but i now know it is what i really need to get me to my goal !!!

    I don't know how much longer i will stretch. I've had a very itchy scalp from a reaction to a conditioner, but i'll update when i can safely relax.

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