Friday, October 16, 2009

Relaxer Update !!

I finally relaxed on tuesday october 13th after a 12 week stretch. I could have stretched for longer, but for some reason, i have had breakage in the middle of my head. I believe the breakage is caused by my texlaxing. I get so many tangles, so much more than when i relax bone straight. I think the texlaxing and fine hair does not go together very well, at least not for me. This touch-up i decided to go back to relaxing bone straight, my hair will look thinner, but it already has less tangles and almost no breakage, yaaaaa!!! Since i was not completely satisfied with the ORS lye relaxer (regular) last time, i made the switch back to silk elements. I must say it came out very well, probably because i prepped my hair and scalp, and made sure the conditions were right for relaxing, so here's what i did :

1. washed and deep conditioned with a protein con (1 week before touch-up)
2. did not manipulate my scalp in any way (why does your scalp want to start itching like crazy at relaxer time?)
3.air dried
4.only finger combed
5.moisturized and sealed

The day of the relaxer

1.based scalp
2.coated previous relaxed hair with, affirm protecto, chi silk infusion and chi keratin mist
3.applied relaxer in 4 sections
6.deep conditioned with porosity control,hollywood beauty olive oil cholesterol and tresemme mixed together
7.air dried
8.moisturized (with homemade mixture)
9.sealed with almond oil
10.the did one big braid and clip it up,put on my silk scarf (that's it)

very soft tangle free, evenly relaxed

One of my better relaxer experiences !!!


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