Monday, October 19, 2009

Charting My Hair Growth Progress

This is the start of my charting growth. I am having breakage in the middle of my head, i have no idea why? but it's great to have my t-shirt to see exactly were i am now and where i will eventually like to be. I can see the damage and can work to make changes for the better over time. I will be updating every 3 months with my t-shirt.

Well, now that i'm taking this grow to waist length thing seriously, i have implemented a few new rules for myself to follow.

1. I will use my growth progress t-shirt to chart my growth (i'm on line 4)
2. I will wear protectives styles
3. Keep hands out of hair (i have hand in hair disease, lol)
4. Mostly finger comb
5. I will cut back on washing my hair (I now only wash Monday's & Thursday's.Every 3 days is too much manipulation).

The journey continues :o)


  1. I know I have hand in hair disease too;-/lol. Have you been really stressed lately? That could be a reason for the damage to your hair in the middle of your head.

  2. Thanks Candice, good point. I have been very stressed, i need to calm down, lol


  3. I have one of these shirts. I can't wait to post pics. I love length shirts, so that I can clearly see others' progress.


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