Thursday, October 22, 2009

Natural Way To Ligthen Hair

For as long as i can remember, i always wanted lighter hair. My hair is a dark brown with reddish highlights that can be seen in the sun. I never really liked the color of my hair and still don't, so over the years i have had my hair colored almost every color of the rainbow. My last color was supposed to be a nice light ash brown, that's not what i got. The color it turned out to be was a brassy cross between bright red and orange, Ok No!!! HAM (Hot ass mess). On top of that i paid 250.00 for that mess, from someone who was supposed to be a top colorist, right!! Not only was the color a HAM my hair broke off to about an inch, going from MBL (Mid-back length). I did not know that there were just too many processes for my relaxed, fine textured hair. Other permanent dyes did not take my hair out, but with this color, it was bleached to almost white and then a toner(adds the shade of color)was added and processed for an hour. Not good for fine, relaxed hair. I vowed to never color my hair again, but i still see beautiful color on other people and wished i could have it. So i started looking for ways to color my hair that would not damage,dry out or break my hair. I was searching the web on night and came upon this site that said there was a way to lighten hair naturally without causing damage to your relaxed or natural hair. What???
Here is the recipe :
Have you ever used honey for your hair? Honey has been a part of routine hair care treatments for centuries and honey recipes for hair care treatments are versatile.

Anyone with any hair type can use recipes of honey in their routine hair care. It is a great way of lightening your hair color.

Here is a simple recipe of honey yielding marvelous results to lighten the color of your hair.
Steps to prepare

Step 1: Firstly, take all the ingredients required for the preparation and put them in one place. The ingredients include: ½ cup uncooked raw honey, 1½ cups distilled water and 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, cardamom or ground cinnamon oil each.

Step 2: Take 1½ cups distilled water in one neat bowl and add honey to it. Stir it well.

Step 3: Now, add extra virgin oil, cardamom or ground cinnamon oil to the solution of water and honey. Stir it thoroughly until it gets dissolved.

Step 4: Pour this solution in a spray bottle or root applicator bottle to apply to your hair. If you don’t have either, use a brush to apply it to your hair.

I intend to try this recipe mixed with conditioner:

the mixture

olive oil
ground cinnamon
distilled water


  1. do u have any fotos of how this came out?

  2. Hey Celina,
    Sorry i don't really have photo's that show how it came out, but i can see that it did lighten my hair a little.



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