Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Waistlength Challenge and Regimen

Hey Girls,
I am on a quest for waistlength by July 20th, 2010. I have 5 inches to go. Since i have been stuck at bsl for the last year, i will have to do an overhaul of my present regimen. I am obviously doing something or somethings wrong. My ends continue to fray and break off and i can't stand to see those thin ends, so i cut, which always takes me back to bsl. I plan to tweek my present regimen because, if you do the same thing everyday, don't expect different results, so it's time for a change.

I will start working on a new regimen, not that this one is broken, but i should have been waistlength 2 years ago.

Do you ladies think there is such a thing as terminal length? I hope i have not reached my terminal length, lol

Here is my new waistlength by July 20th, 2010 Regimen

1. Deep condition on dry hair every 3 days (no heat in the summer)with plastic cap for at least 1 hr.
2. Apply leave in : My moisture mix or other leave-in's
in 4 sections after detangling
3. Apply oil to seal (any oil i'm feeling at the time)
4. Comb all sections back to air-dry
5. Make 1 braid (this is new)
6. Pin up braid
7. After my hair is dried, apply castor oil to the scalp (this is new)
8. Rebraid (1 Braid in back)
9. Apply MyHairSistas Edge Grow Formula (to edges 2x a day)
10.Put on satin scarf
11.Wig or Protective style

Daily Care :
Moisturize at least 1x a day
Weekly Care :
Protein conditioner
Moisture conditioner
Monthly Care :
Henna Gloss
Garlic Conditioner
Trims : By the moon calendar - next trim September 13 2009

Protein Drink
Castor oil (to scalp after every co-wash, every 3 days)
wide tooth comb (to detangle and use for combing)

Hair, Nails & Skin Vitamin with Biotin
MSM 1500mg.

Whew that's it. I'm getting serious about reaching my goal!!!
If you girls have and suggestions, please let me know :o)

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