Friday, July 24, 2009

Relaxer Results

I relaxed on July 20 after a 12 week stretch. This time i used ORS lye relaxer, regular strength. As usual i did a relaxer prep with castor oil and conditioner on the length. I had been deep conditioning faithfully thoughout the whole 12 week stretch, alternating with protein,moisture and henna gloss. I have noticed that even though my relaxer technique has gotten better, i still seem to texlax. I no longer wish to textlax because it doesn't seem to agree with my fine hair, my hair gets so tangled and i have breakage in the middle of my head, so i tried to relax bone straight, because when i used to relax bone straight, my hair didn't tangle and i had minimum breakage. The reason i believe i am still getting a texlaxed texture is because i think my hair is actually getting stronger and healthier, therefore relaxing with a mild formula does not work anymore (i'm happy about the better health of my hair)also, someone suggested, i may be getting a texlaxed texture if i don't clarify before relaxers or i may have too much product on my hair, which stops the action of the relaxer. I just don't know. I really prefer to do my own relaxers, but i may have to break down and let the professional do it the next time, anyway here is the result

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