Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stretch With Me (3) The Realization !!

I am 24.5 weeks post. Yes that's 6months and 5 days, WoW!! During this stretch i have learned a lot.

1. I can stretch for longer than i thought
2. I can stretch without adding extensions (never stretched this long without extensions before
3. I can make waistlength !!!

The last statement is a realization that waistlength is possible, because i now know what i've been doing wrong. I've had waistlength hair before, so i should be able to achieve it again, right :o) This stretch has showed me that my hair is growing at the normal rate, but i have not been retaining the length. I now know that i must go back to some of the things that got me to waistlength before. I know that hair can and does change over time, but some things remain the same. I am encouraged because i see a lot of growth and i am determined to keep it. How?

The biggest change is gonna be protecting my ends and moisturizing & sealing. In the past moisturizing and sealing was not consistently done because i have fine hair, but i now know it is what i really need to get me to my goal !!!

I don't know how much longer i will stretch. I've had a very itchy scalp from a reaction to a conditioner, but i'll update when i can safely relax.

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  1. Congratulations on your stretch!!!

  2. @Blessed Tresses,
    Thanks Girlie :o)



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