Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter Protective Styles

This is one of the protective styles i wear in winter time. I always wear hats in winter and wigs underneath, it is a great way to hide your hair, condition under the wig and hat and nobody knows what's going on underneath, Lol
I always keep my hair moisturized and conditioned, i sometimes braid it up or just twist it up in the back. Always wear a wig cap or scarf to protect hair.
This is great for stretching and resting hair for growth.


  1. Mostly this winter I plan to wear a French Braid.Moisturize Moisturize and Moisturize some more.I will don some "head gear" but I'm wearing a satin bonnet/silk scarf under to line them to prevent damage to my hair.

  2. Good thing about the wig is that you can even wear wool hats/caps without fear of damaging your own hair.

    That's a cute pic!


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