Friday, July 10, 2009

To Stretch Or Not To Stretch, That Is The Question

Well it's almost that time again, 8 days before my next touch up and i'm going crazy trying to decide whether or not to relax in 8 days or wait a little longer. I usually relax around 12 weeks anyway, but this time i want to stretch longer. The longest stretch i did was 16 weeks and it was so hard, but i really didn't have much choice as to why i stretched because i was sick and could not be bothered with doing my hair. It was in braids and i did not have the strength to take them out. Right now i have about 1 inch of new growth and i am doing pretty well with managing the new growth, but i really can't do any nice hairstyles, lol, so i have been wearing my wig everyday and it's hot. I was thinking if i put my hair in braids, i could stretch for 2 months or i could relax, then braid. I just don't know. Well anyway, i have 8 days to decide.

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