Monday, August 30, 2010

Product Review

Nature's Bounty
Hair, Skin and Nails Formula 60 Caplets

Our Hair, Skin and Nails caplets deliver a specialized combination of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients consistently found in healthy skin, hair and nails.* Featuring Vitamin C, Biotin and Zinc, this formula can truly help bring your internal radiance to the surface.*

* Provides vitamins and minerals for glowing skin, lustrous hair and strong, healthy nails*
* Nourishing formula contains 28 key ingredients, including antioxidants*
* Vitamin C contributes to collagen production, which is vital for hair, skin and nail health*

My Opinion :
There has been many questions as to whether or not vitamins for the hair work. I believe any nutritional supplement that supports the body will help the hair. Did you know that the body will utilize all vitamins & nutrients for organs and functioning of the body first, and hair & nails are the last to receive both !!!! From my experience, my hair and nails grow faster & longer with the vitamins than without, so do a little research to find the best combination for you.


  1. I take these exact vitamins and I love them!!! I believe they work just as they say they do but consistency is key.

  2. @love.akihsoy,
    Exactly. When i slack off, i can see the difference !!!



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