Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not hair related, Well sort of !!!

Doing research on healthy hair can take you to many places on the web.  I was pleasantly surprised when i stumble upon a website called I was actually looking for personalized t shirts  for hair. What i found was a lot more than just t shirts. There were all kinds of items related to hair. Me being the hair fanatic that i am, i wanted to see everything related to hair on the site. I looked through pages and pages of hair related items. One particular item caught my eye. The " Ma Locks" products bag. I thought this would be perfect for my friend with locs. We always go shopping for hair products together. I also saw some really great posters for my friends salon (the same friend with the locs) She has a natural hair salon in bklyn. I also checked out "Save the Gulf t-shirts" for my politically correct friend, lol

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