Friday, November 27, 2009

Product Review


After hearing so much about this product. I finally bought it. I had seen this product so many times and always wanted to purchase it. My hair idol (Kinikakes) loves this product. For some reason i would look at the product and would always say i am gonna buy this product next time, lol. Could be my subconscious mind know more than i do (spooky) anyway, finally after purchasing two Dominican products, i decided i am going to add this one to my product haul. Well, i'm 7 weeks post and not really having a difficult time, yet. My hair is not feeling particularly dry or anything, but this product is supposed to be supper moisturizing !!! Truth is my hair just laughed at it. Not at all moisturized, dang. I so wanted this to be the super product, instead it was just okay for my hair.


  1. I actually liked this stuff and its weird b/c my hair tends to hate anything with olive oil. It really helped me a lot at the end of my last stretch though. Consider trying it a lil further in your stretch and see if you like it.

  2. Try it again, if it doesn't work for you add your favorite oil and use it up. Hope it gets better. I wouldn't count on it to help you further in your stretch if it isn't proving it's moisture benefits to you now.


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