Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's A Jungle In Here

Wow i'm 10-1/2 weeks post and believe me, it's a jungle in here. I truly have an afro thing going on under the relaxed parts, lol. The shrinkage just amazes me, my bsl hair is now apl due to the shrinkage. The good thing about this stretch is that i am not shedding like it usually does at this time. Usually at 9 weeks i start to have a lot of shedding and i thought because i am underprocessed that this stretch would be hard. I think this time it's easier because of the homemade garlic conditioner i used 3 times stopped the shedding in it's tracks (the garlic conditioner is now one of my staples). I want to continue to stretch, but i think i won't press my luck. I will relax in 9 days. I can't wait!!! My last stretch was for 14 weeks and the shedding was out of control, anyway, i will try to relax bone straight this time, to see if it is better than texlaxing for my fine hair, cause my texlaxed hair tangles like crazy. If i like the way my hair behaves being bone straight, i will stick to it. If my hair act the fool, i'll go back to texlaxed. It's about learning what your hair likes. I'll keep yall updated :o)

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