Friday, January 9, 2009

My 2009 Hair Goals

Hey everybody,
I'ts a new year and i plan to do lots of growing this year. My problems in the past have been not knowing enough about haircare, which has always left me with hair that does not grow past bsl, which lead my to wonder, if there is such a thing as terminal length. I plan on doing things a little different this year so i can finally obtain the mbl i have not been able to achieve again since my last setback. I have fine hair which means i must be extra loving to my strands and treat my hair like fine silk. Okay here's the plan.
1. Cut out all use of shampoo (except at touch up time)
2. co-wash 2x week
3. henna 1x month for thickness
4. heavy protein when needed
5. trim every other touch up
6. and the biggest change is to keep my hands out of my hair (only combing when absolutely necessary)

Yall' pray for me, Lol

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