Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Product Preview

Yes Ladies,
the pj-ism has kicked in once again. I promised myself that i would not buy anymore products no matter what promises it made, but alas i am weak of flesh,Lol
Okay what i am gonna do is try this product to reach my goal of BSL, which should be approximately 3months. Maybe this product line will speed up growth for the 3 months and i can reach my goal. If this product works the way it supposed to, i will use it also for my MBL challenge, let see? I will not use and other products but this line. That way i will know that it's this product and not one of the many hundreds, yes hundreds of other products i've tried.


  1. I will be watching to see how it goes, good luck. By the way it seems like you are a henna user, I have been interested in it for a few weeks and never really spoken to someone who has used it. I have thin hair and hope it will add some body to it, but I do wonder if it stains the clothes, washes out easily with DC, how often do you do it and whats your recipe. Thanks sorry for bombarding you with questions.

  2. thanks Nesha,
    Yes i am a henna user, i also have thin, fine hair and henna will add body to it if you're consistent and i am not always consistent,but i believe my hair has kept some of the thickness,i don't know if it stains clothes. I am assuming that it would stain if accidently dropped on clothes. I have never had it run down my hair from sweat or anything like that to stain. It does take a lot of rinsing to get it all out,then apply moisturizing conditioner to get it all out, i henna once a month or whenever i'm not so lazy. What i do is called henna gloss, which means i add conditioner,oil and coffee for deep brown color. Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions feel free, i love talking about hair :o)

  3. I can't wait for your review.

  4. I too will be watching for this review! I had planned to use Mega Tek for one month alternate the next month with Bee Mine Serum to help jump start my chase back to APL > BSL ...but I'll use BMS only for the next 3 months.I plan to henna gloss after my next TU.Dont you just love using coffee in your HG recipe.Check out my KISS regi album for my recipe and tech. Be Blessed.


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