Saturday, August 17, 2013

Deep into this transition!!

Hey everyone! It's been a while since i last made a post. Yes ladies & gents. I have finally decided to commit to transitioning. It's been 8 months without relaxing and i am ready to fully embrace my natural hair. I've been learning so much about my natural hair. So far the journey has not been as easy as i expected. I've learned that i have 3 textures, mostly 4a. I'm still dealing with the relaxed texture also. I decided to do a long term transition. Meaning i will keep cutting the relaxed ends until i'm completely natural.

Here is my most recent trim:
notice the thin ends. Yuck!

Here is where i am in my transition:
See the remaining relaxed ends?
I also cut the relaxed ends in the middle to show my progress. The short hair is all natural about inches of new growth :)

Current protective style
These braids are 2 months old. As you can see. I have about 1' 1/2"  new growth. I plan on rotating protective styles until i comfortable with my length.

My braids regimen :

Wash 2x weekly : Shi-Naturals coconut cream shampoo

Oil scalp every other day with Shi-Naturals Grow Potion

Massage daily 4 minutes using the inversion method

Leave in spray every other day alternating with Shi-Naturals moisture balance leave-in or protein balance leave-in

Seal with any oil. My favorite is Almond oil.


  1. Your hair is looking great~love the braids!

  2. Hey Sweetie :) Thank you :)

  3. I just BCed at 17 months post. My natural hair was ready to be freed. I was disgusted with those thin ends and decided it was health over length and snipped them right off lol. Good luck with your transition it seems to be going well. It's amazing how time flies. It will be over before you know it.

  4. Hi BeautiNWisdom...I agree health over length. Even though i hate to let go of my length, LOL I went over to your blog and i love your hair. I will be stalking :o)

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