Monday, June 27, 2011

29 Week Stretch!! It's Over!!

Well ladies i decided to relax today! I just got tired of the two textures, and it's just too damn hot to fight this hair, lol. I had a very good relaxer experience this time. No burning at all. I used Organic Root Stimulator Relaxer (Normal) I relaxed in sections. This is the method i will be using from now on.

Here's the method :

1. Base scalp the night before being careful not to irrate scalp
2. I parted in 4 sections, then put a plastic conditioning cap over the bottom 2 sections. Then secured the bottom section with clips, so that section would not get wet.
3. On the two top sections. I  divided those sections into smaller sections ( 5 on each side, with duckbill clips)
4. I proceeded  to apply the relaxer to the sections, removing the clips then applying the relaxer to each section.
5. I smoothed the relaxer through the whole section, rinsed, neutralized. Proceeded to the next top half.
6. Repeated #5
7. I then moved to the bottom 2 sections
8. Repeated #5 for the bottom 2 sections
9. Rinse the whole head, then neutralized, rinsed and conditioned with protein reconsturor, the moisturizing conditioner.
10. Air-dried, applied leave-ins
11. Done, lol

Although the relaxer process went smoothly. I will not stretch as long again. I will stretch for 3-4 months. I think stretching that long is not good for my fine hair. I had a lot of new growth, but the ends were so thin. I had to cut away most of the progress :o(

Now that i'm relaxed. I will work harder to reach my goal of waistlength by Dec. 3rd 2011. I think i can reach my goal because i'm using Shi-Naturals Grow Potion and i got lots of growth from this product. If you want to join the Shi-Naturals Challenge click : Here


  1. Even though you had to cut off some of your progress, you can still see how your stretches have benefited your hair in terms of length. Great job! (:

  2. @Tay,
    Thanks girl. I don't think i'll stretch that long anymore. My fine hair can't take it. The ends were all chewed up, lol



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