Thursday, May 5, 2011

22 weeks post!!!

Okay so i've made it to 22 weeks post. The longer i stretch the more the new growth seems to coil around each other. Even with the knotting and coiling this stretch has not been so bad. I have had some stretches that were so difficult to manage.  Always though at this point i'm thinking about going natural and also completely using all natural products. I have experimented with many hair care products mostly commercial products with lots of chemicals, most of which i cannot pronounce. So i'm really trying to buy only natural hair products . I have some great natural hair products that seem to work better than the commercial products anyway. I'm dying to try Wen hair care products (if you've tried Wen please let me know what you think about the product). The thing is, now i have two or more textures to deal with, and i don't know which hair conditioner will work with all the different textures. My new growth (is about 2-1/2 inches) is very coily and dry. My relaxed ends are dry but get weighed down if i use a conditioner with lots of oil, that works on my new growth!! So, i have been experimenting with using two different conditioners. One for the new growth and a different conditioner for the relaxed ends.

Here's what i'm doing to get a balance with the different textures :

1. Co-washing with any cheapie conditioner
2. Applying moisturizing conditioner to new growth (softening dry new growth)
3. Applying protein conditioner to relaxed ends (strengthening relaxed ends)
4, Moisturizing & sealing entire new growth and relaxed ends

This seems to be working for now, lol

P.S. if you have any suggestions, let me know :o)

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