Friday, March 11, 2011

It's not easy!

14 week post ponytail with lots of shrinkage
Well, i'm at the point in my stretch where i have lots of new growth. Lots of tangles and breakage. I've been here before so, this time i put into practice everything i've learned from my past stretches, plus some new techniques that i'm mixing with the old. So far so good.

Here's what i'm doing :

1. co-washing - 3x week (more co-washing need as stretch continues)
i'm using my new favorite conditioners for co-washing (Shi-Naturals-Moisture Balance Deep Conditioner & Protein Balance Deep conditioner)

2. Herbal Tea Rinse (Shi-Naturals -  Herbal Growth Rinse to detangle and promote growth)

3. Moisturize & Seal (homemade moisture mix) in sections. Seal with almond oil, or grapeseed oil, or castor oil

4. Protective style (wig, braids, weave or bun)

If you are interested in the Shi-Natural Products. Here is the link : Shi-Naturals

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