Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Hair Goals For 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Last year has been a year of ups and downs as far as my hair goals were concerned. Now i'm back with a renewed focus. I am determined to make it to waistlength this year!!

Here's the new simplified regimen:

Co-wash 2x week
shampoo 1x month (i will start using shampoo again to clarify) new
always air-dry (even when rollersetting)
leave-in after wash (sometimes in between wash when hair needs strength)
moisturize & seal 2x day (i was very lax at moisturizing & sealing)

castor oil on wash days
MN with grapseed oil 3x week
Shi-Naturals Edge Grow Formula (2x every day on edges)

no combing (use fingers)
Protective styles (ponytail, wig, braid or weave)

Goal #1 - MBL by June 3rd 2011
Goal #2 - Waistlength by December 3rd 2011(crossing fingers & eyes, lol)

Hair photo@ 6 weeks post, stretching for 6 months :o)


  1. Happy New Year to you as well. Your hair looks great...congratulations on your hair journey and I know you'll reach your goals!

  2. @Blessed Tresses,

    Thanks Sweetie for your support :o)



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