Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frustration, Impatience = Setback

Today i started out wondering which conditioner i would use for my co-wash. I'm 19-1/2 weeks post, so i don't have to tell you how my new growth has taken over, but it has, lol. Everything was going pretty well. I detangled before applying my conditioner mix (tresemee re-moisture condish & grapeseed oil) I applied it heavy to the new growth first. I felt very nice and creamy. Then i applied the rest to the length. Let it sit with a plastic cap and towel for 1 hour. I rinsed in the shower and applied about a quater size of porosity control for about 1 minute (i'm trying to correct my porosity issues) My hair really felt so soft. I'm not sure if the porosity control did anything though, but i'll keep using it. Maybe i'll see some improvement. Okay, let me get to the frustrating part. Being in a hurry to get my hair done ( I have guests staying with me) before my guests returned. I tried to detangle very fast, that only made my hair tangle up more. I got so many knots. I just ripped through my hair. I should have waited until the next day when my guest are leaving. I lost a lot of hair because of impatience. When i finally finished with everything. I looked at my hair and was so disappointed with the feel, the new growth, the see thru ends. I got the scissors and cut 3 inches. On top of that i cut it uneven. So, here is my self induced setback! So Ladies, only do your hair when you have the time to devote to doing it right, and not when company is around, lol


  1. Setbacks really are a pain!! UGH! But, it is also a learning experience:-) You're now better equipped to reach your goals.

  2. Awww, I completely understand frustrations and setbacks. But perhaps you should have waited until you relaxed. Being several weeks post can give the illusion of thin ends. But once you relax you realize your ends are just fine. Wishing you the best with your hair journey and thanks for sharing your experiences and journey. :-)

  3. @Candice,
    Thanks Girl, you're right, sometimes you have to pay to learn :o(

    I did get very impatient. You are right, what was i thinking. I'm 19-1/2 weeks with shrinkage. I may have to cut again to even it up.
    Thanks for your concern :o)


  4. Your hair is beautiful! Very nice. Good luck with your goals


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