Friday, August 28, 2009

Does trimming promote healthy hair?

As i watched this video, i came to the conclusion that many people believe trimming is necessary for healthy hair. I do agree that hair tends to look better and look healthier with a good trim, but does it actually make hair healthier to trim hair? What do you think? I will be on a no trim challenge on MyHairSistas starting september 3rd after using the moon calendar to trim my hair for thickness, and i will not trim again for at least 6 months. I want the healtiest hair possible, but after the 3rd not trims for a while, i hope i'm not doing harm, i usually trim after a relaxer, every 3 months


  1. I haven't trimmed my hair in eons. I think what helps me is deep conditioning regularly and moisturizing and sealing often.

  2. I trimmed on sept 3rd and i won't trim again for 7 months, i wanna see some growht, lol


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