Saturday, November 8, 2008

Product Review

All i can say is wow, i never thought a cheapie conditioner could possibly moisturize my super dry hair, but this product really delivers. I heard all the ladies on the hair boards and site talking about how this conditioner really does moisturize the hair, but i'm thinkin, there is no way this cheapie conditioner could do the job of the more expensive conditioners. I was pleasantly surprised when my hair felt like butter, and even though i still had a little tangling, it was way easier than with some other conditioners i have tried. I have just found a staple product. I will use this in conjunction with my more expensive products


  1. There are non stop reviews on this conditioner. Glad you like it. Too bad they don't sell this in Canada. Its weird how come cheapies work better than the expensive

  2. Yes, the conditioner is great, but I was curious about the shampoo. I hadn't really heard one way or the other and decided to give it a try.I hate this hair did not feel clean at all. I had to rewash it much sooner than planned.

  3. I love this product! I used the Honeydew one in my DD's hair & they loved the smell. I love how the Jilbere just went right through they're hair.


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