Monday, October 20, 2008

My Fine Hair Regimen

Co-wash (2x week)
I co-wash with moisturizing conditioner or cheapie conditioner with oil added-ex: suave cheapie con or vo-5 etc.
Moisturizing conditioner (2x week) after every co-wash
I use my homemade moisture conditioner
Protein conditioner (as needed, or 1 week after relaxer touch-up)
Aphogee, emergencee
Oil (to seal)
coconut oil, olive oil, alma oil
Relaxer touch-up (every 3 months)
right now i'm using silk elements relaxer, but i want to switch to fiberguard relaxer
Trim (as needed)
after every other touch-up
natures bounty hair vitamins
MSM 750 mg.
horsetail 500 mg.

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