Saturday, July 17, 2010

Product Review

Motions Professional Protein Reconstructor

Strengthen, protect and hydrate to soften hair and to help guard against breakage using Motions Professional Protein Reconstructor.
How This Technology Works
  • Collagen proteins helps repair the hair shaft, strengthening it from within.
  • Silicones enhance shine while conditioner add moisture.
Why This Formula Is Better
  • Increases hair’s suppleness and prevents breakage.
  • Formulated for heat- and chemically-damaged hair.
How To Get The Most From This Product
  • After Shampooing with CPR Treatment Shampoo, apply ample amount of Motions Professional Protein Reconstructor to hair. Saturate from root to end.
  • For maximum conditioning benefits, cover hair with a plastic cap and place client under warm dryer for 5-10 minutes.
  • Gently rinse hair with warm water, thoroughly removing treatment from the hair.
  • Style as usual. Best if used with other CPR products.
My Results : After removing my latch hooks braids (i had them in for 4 weeks) i noticed lots of shedding. Even though throughout the 4 weeks the braids were done. I moisturized & sealed every other day to make sure i did not get the dryness and breakage you can get coming out of protective styles, lasting for 4 weeks or more. I also was using MN along with an Indian herbal oil. As i removed the braids, i noticed how soft and easy it was to comb, so i didn't expect what happened next. After detangling. I immediately did a henna gloss for strength. As i was rinsing, i noticed the softness had been replaced by hard hair (i tried a henna i never used before). As i started to air dry, my hair just did not feel right. When i applied my leave in, my hair just got harder!!! Okay, now i'm getting nervous, lol. As i was combing, strands of hair was just coming out. The more i combed the more hair came out. I moisturized and sealed again. Did not help. I have shedding every day for a week. I was so afraid of having a setback. My fine strands can't take all the shedding. Anyway, i looked into my stash to see what would help with this shedding thing. I decided to try the Motions CPR Protein Reconstructor. Turns out that's just what my hair needed. The shedding finally stopped with this product and my hair feel strong!!! This moderate protein product will be one of my new staples :o)

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  1. I have invested so much money into products, aphogee, Dominican products, affirm, garlic conditioned, silicon, just anything someone recommends. Motions CPR reconstructor stopped my hair from shedding immediately. I give it 5 stars and recommend it to anyone with hair shedding.


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