Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stretch With Me Challenge-Part 2

My last stretch lasted for 5-1/2 months and i'm at it again. This time i'm gonna try my best to make it to a least 6 months. I'm almost 3 weeks post. I will be wearing mostly protective styles and moving to a more natural hair products regimen. I'm not sure if i should go back to texlaxing in order to eventually go natural. Aww, decisions, decisions.

Come join me on the new Stretch With Me Challenge


  1. Hey Fefe, dare I officially announce my plan for a 6 month stretch (1st time ever!!) I've been keeping it to myself but hey if I tell you I'm in I know I've got to at least give it all I got! Lets do it, I am 10 wks post already!

  2. Okay Tee,
    It's on !!! i'm 4 weeks post :o)



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