Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stretch With Me Challenge 22-1/2 weeks post- The Stretch is over!!!

The stretch is over. I made it to 22-1/2 weeks post. I did not make it to 24 weeks because my new growth was out of control. I am happy that i made it this far. I relaxed on june 12th after experiencing a lot of shedding and not being able the get the comb thru my hair. After exhausting every method to tame the new growth i just couldn't take it any more. I gained about 2 inches in growth, and i'm satisfied for now, lol  I relaxed again with ORS lye relaxer. I experienced no burning at all. Some parts were underprocessed, but i can deal with it next touch up.

My Result :

leave in
applied MN to scalp
moisturized & sealed


  1. Vanessa SJune 15, 2010

    Great progress, Fefe....Your hair has really grown!!

    V :-)

  2. @Hair and Beyond,

    Thanks Girl,your hair is growing nicely too :o)

  3. Looking good Fefe, Congrats!!!


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