Monday, November 3, 2008

All About Fine Hair

Chapter 1
How do you know you have fine hair?

The diameter of fine hair is smaller than people with medium or thick texture. You can have a lot of hair and still have fine hair, the strands itself are very thin, thus making the hair fine. Fine hair generally lacks volume, does not hold a curl very well and is easily damaged and will break easier than medium or thick textured hair. Fine hair can be curly, straight, relaxed, etc.
Fine hair usually gets weighed down by too much products. Fine hair is not necessarily thin hair, although the two often come together. Thin hair means that you don't have a lot of strands on your head. Some people have thick hair that's considered fine because it's silky and smooth. Some people with afro textured hair think their hair is thick until it is straighten out and find that their hair is fine, it looks thick because of it's curliness.

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